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NEW ART: Cheap Stickers. Crucial Message.

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

I created this sticker to promote peace. And I'm offering them as close to at-cost as possible.

Peace sticker

Imagine a World with No A-Holes

True peace can only be achieved when each and every human decides to live peacefully—when, in short, they decide to stop their own, personal a-hole-esque behavior.

Now more than ever, we need a simple, universal symbol to promote such self-engendered peace. I'll humbly suggest my No A-Holes™ holeless "A". I created it back in 2010. It's the Peace Sign of the 21st Century (and beyond). And it's the basis for the No A-Holes Vibe. Coupled with the #NoAholesPledge, it really could change the world. Sounds delusional but, hey, Today's Delusional is Tomorrow's Revolutional. (Hmm. That's going on a t-shirt in a future PVRtist Vibe.)

Spreading the Word. Uh. Letter.

Most of my previous work within the No A-Holes Vibe has explored a single look: a thin serif typeface matched with a loosely scrawled script. I took an artistic detour on this sticker, concluding that a bolder look was necessary to accomplish its purpose: maximum dissemination of my Peace Sign of the Future and the spread of its wider resulting movement.

That's also the reason I priced these stickers as close to at-cost as my online fulfillment service would allow. Baring any material or labor price increases, a sheet of six stickers comes in at just under a buck-a-sticker. So six dollars gives you six mini billboards to plaster the peace all over your world: laptop, vehicle, or wherever else you deem prudent.

Ready to pass it on? Get a six-dollar six-pack of peace here.

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