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NEW SERIES: Trilliumnaire™

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

Flower shirt design for apparel and home goods

My Harbor Springer™ Vibe is all about Living Life to Its Richest. Based on the casually upscale town of Harbor Springs on Michigan's Little Traverse Bay, Harbor Springer captures all that's unique about this out-of-the-way enclave, including my hand-sketched springer spaniel mascot, Emmet, who breezily encapsulates Harbor Springs' (and surrounding Emmet County's) confidently chill attitude.

If you hike in the abundant woods of Emmet County in the spring, you're immediately greeted with a carpet of trillium flowers: low-growing, deep green leaves topped by (usually) white, tri-petalled flowers—an endless sea of land-loving lily pads that practically sing spring. Kind of makes you feel like a Trilliumnaire.™

So, I'll be working in my Harbor Springer Vibe extensively this April, launching plenty of trillium-themed art. Check it out at

It gets better. All of my art that you buy at the Harbor Springer online shop will be 10% off throughout April when you use the code: TRILLIUM10 (expires 4/30/22).

Plus—inspired by the springiness of spring or whatever—you get this 100%-free poem.

Up-north spring makes you a trilliumnaire,

strolling regal all stockingtophatted along

forest floors wall-to-wall with white peeks and winks

(from green carpets luxuriant, defying horizons),

which you return through your bluesky monocle.

Thanks to spring, now you’re rolling in it.

- PVRtist

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