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When I created the No A-Holes holeless "A" icon in 2010, I knew I had the makings of an oddball movement, but it took a while to figure out how to launch it for maximum impact.

Then it dawned on me that, unlike No A-Holes, most movements are all about everybody banding together. Which is fine, I guess. It's where you, the individual, absorb into the amorphous whole—the movement's dogma, its policies, its initiatives—and ride along to wherever "The Blob" of your particular cause schleps next.

No A-Holes is the diametric opposite. It's completely self-contained. Your SELF.  Instead of getting all tangled in the tendrils of Blob Mentality, you simply pledge that you, yourself, will refrain from being an a-hole for the rest of your life. No required meetings to sit through, or contentious protests to attend, or secret handshake to learn...just your freshly-pledged self interacting with the outside world while practicing a-hole-free behavior. It's no more complicated than that.


But it is more revolutionary. Because you aren't the only self taking the #NoAholesPledge. Once we reach a sizable population of pledgers, it'll be a much more pleasant planet for everybody.

So take the pledge. Then check out the No A-Holes art, apparel and merchandise that fits you. It's the best way to spread the word and...Save the World. One Letter at a Time.™

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