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Young people enjoying Socialism
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Welcome! We at Socialism™ are excited to share the amazing things we have to offer. Explore and enjoy!

Sincerely, Socialism™

So Fair It Hurts.

Our Products

Wave graphic for a Socialism phone

It makes phone calls. It receives phone calls. And if that weren't amazing enough, it has a whole bunch of apps. Like six!

Phoning It In.

What a relief that we've now all embraced the Socialism™ that the hip youngsters had been clamoring for. We've finally kissed Greedy, Selfish, Free-Market Capitalism (GSFMC) goodbye once and for all. Let's hear it far and wide: GOOD RIDDANCE!

With such a bright and happy utopia ahead, it's hard to imagine things could get any better. But lo and behold, they have. Socialism™ is proud to introduce, right here on this site, the first generation SoPhone™, loaded with six, count them, SIX whole apps to get you started.

While rewarding individual achievement is now, of course, a no-no, we at Socialism™ can't help but give ourselves a hearty pat on the back. (Don't tell anyone.)

Man who is happy with Socialism on a bike with a beard and a phone


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