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Photo showing people enjoying music before Socialism
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Music. Purified.

Once the music business was no longer a business, thanks to Socialism™, most greedy, selfish billion-stream megastars found that prolifically producing music kind of lost its appeal. No problem. It just made room for the true artists that we offer on SoSongs.

Inferior, Scarcer Music

Gives Your Ears a Rest

Yes, with the Greedy, Selfish Free-Market Capitalism (GSFMC) profit motive now gone, fewer, less-talented artists are adding new material to SoSongs compared to the streaming services of the past. But don't think of it as lousy music uploaded at a rate of a couple songs a week, think of it as avarice-free sound, organically curated by human nature.

Headphones for listening to musical selections hand picked for you by Socialism

Fun vs. Function

A crowd enjoying a music concert during capitalism and before Socialism

When you really think about it, what utility does music serve anyway? Tapping intrinsic moods and emotions? Stirring the soul? We at Socialism™ suggest you put away your metaphysical whisk. GSFMC may have delivered such intangible niceties, but we know you'll agree that now—with utility as the ultimate aim, driven by a shared, collective purpose, not the reckless risk-reward system of the past—frivolities like music are a luxury to be dispensed sparingly. Socialism™ is all about being happy with less. And with the meager amount (and quality) of the music you're getting with SoSongs, you should be ecstatic.

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