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Smiling Friends
Happy couple photo to illustrate the joys of Socialism
Socialism logo in white with heart

Fairness Perfected. Happiness? Overrated.

Since we've now all embraced Socialism™ and finally kissed Greedy, Selfish, Free-Market Capitalism (GSFMC) goodbye once and for all, we at Socialism™ can't wait to unleash all of the wonders that we have in store!

Socialism balloons and bikes in a stock photo
Socialism not capitalism heart logo

Providing You With the Best Choices. Ours.

With private ownership abolished, and the glorious fairness that we all longed for finally here, worker-centric collectives are producing all of the products and services that GSFMC used to. Hooray!

Sunset on the Beach
Logo for Socialism with a heart

Live a Simple Life. Or Else.

Gone are the GSFMC profit motive, incentives for achievement, and other GSFMC drivers based on human nature and organic market forces; here to stay is an economy—and, by extension, life itself—based on mandated economic equality, obsession with utility, and subservience to the collective.

Capitalism Happy Hour that cant happen under Socialism
This logo represents Socialism replacing capitalism

Trying to Help Everybody by Fulfilling Nobody.

Driven by knee-jerk fervor, Zoomers, Millennials and others who rallied us all into this brave new world had a "cake-and-eat-it-too" vision of Socialism.™ Rest assured, we're here to deliver. Extreme fiscal parity has been achieved. The rich are no longer. But everything else from the bright, bodacious, bounteous world of our GSFMC past is going to carry on just like before, forever. Promise.


Sincerely, Socialism™

Woman on mountaintop celebrating Socialism
A heart logo for Socialism

Reach for Greatness.

And Yank it Down in the Name of the Collective.

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