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Grocery shopping before Socialism

"New & Improved"

Never have to hear those annoying words again. Greedy, Selfish, Free-Market Capitalism (GSFMC), with its GSFMC profit motive, was in a constant, hyper-productive tizzy to constantly woo, dazzle and otherwise please consumers, resulting in an unspeakable variety of choices in food, beverages and other products. Vegan, gluten-free, organic...UGH! What a mind-boggling hassle!

Food's for Survival

Not Satisfaction

Thankfully, Socialism™ strips away the silliness of private ownership and pursuit of profit, replacing it all with collectives that (with no incentive to entice buyers with improvements or variety) produce what's needed, not what's selfishly wanted.

Unlike our capitalism days, its the same food everyday with Socialism
Bowl of corn flakes cereal is your choice with Socialism

Less Selection. Less Stress.

Did you really need 100 kinds of cereal to choose from? With the SoGrocery shopping app you barely need a search function. Each section has just the right amount of proper and sensible choices collectively determined for you. Now shopping for cereal is as easy as choosing between corn flakes and corn flakes. A frosted variety is in the works. Check your app next decade.

Socialism grocery app
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