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Fancy dress and tuxedo during capitalism and before Socialism

Dismantling the Runway of Greed

We at Socialism™ think you'll agree that one of the most despicable Greedy, Selfish Free-Market Capitalism (GSFMC) industries that we cotton-balled forever was fashion. From celebrities sauntering down the red carpet in five- even six-figure dresses and tuxes, to virtually unlimited clothing and accessory options for the rest of us—it was downright obscene. Thankfully, we'll never have to see such ostentatious displays again, or highly paid celebrities for that matter.

GSFMC Shows Its True Colors

The Socialism™ you asked, shouted, and brandished protest signs for is now here, offering a whole new approach to clothing that's more uniform. Or more of a uniform. See, when your cries to end GSFMC were answered, the design, manufacturing and distribution of all clothing and accessories was no longer in the hands of profit-seeking designers and companies who risked time and capital to pit their designs and ideas against others' in the marketplace. By relying on such base, instinctual human motivations, GSFMC spurred virtually unlimited choices, tailored to every imaginable taste. Many ventures failed, others succeeded. What a mess!

Colorful thread to make fashionable clothing before Socialism

The Collective Closet

Socialism clothing

Conversely, with Socialism™, all "businesses" are community based. Aww. Kind of gives you all the feels, doesn't it? Just communities getting together. Determining what should be produced by community consensus together. And how it should be produced together. Sharing the proceeds equitably and communally with little regard for recognizing individual performance together. People gladly surrendering their personal ideas that could have made them millions in the old GSFMC world together. Losing interest in excelling or innovating thanks to no incentives or profit motive together. Until all "fashion" is reduced to a few sensible selections that Socialism™ makes together. Check out your selections here!

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