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Sadly, This Page Needs to Exist.

If you understand the concepts of satire and parody, please stop reading and consider ordering some dandy Socialism™ merch here.

Socialism, Inc. is real, and Socialism™ is its trademark.

However, Socialism, Inc. does NOT design, manufacture or sell smart phones; or design, program or sell apps. On the other hand, Socialism, Inc. DOES conceptualize, design and sell t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, and other merchandise available here.

Socialism™ and this site offer a satirical look at an alternate reality where true, full-fledged socialist collectivism has been adopted, just as a growing number of mostly-well-meaning, mostly-younger people are calling for today.

By viewing this fictional reality through the lens of the very real triumphs of free-market capitalism that we enjoy today (cornucopian abundance, staggering technological advances, greatly increased life expectancy, and precipitous drops in worldwide poverty, disease and other unfavorable metrics since the Industrial Revolution), it's hoped that this site will cause some to rethink their demands for drastic change to a system that, while certainly imperfect, is the best at harnessing human nature to effect much greater good than ill for humanity.   

In short, Socialism™ and this site are a very elaborate way to say: "careful what you wish for." 

Sincerely, Socialism™

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