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Socialism and sports
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Football players enjoying Socialism not capitalism

Pros At Minimum

Wage. The Greedy, Selfish, Free-Market Capitalism (GSFMC) sports world had become so overrun with astronomically-paid athletes entertaining us with amazing feats of grace, grit, and sheer kinetic poetry, it was time for Socialism™ to step in and truly level the playing field.

No More Greed in Sports.

Or talent. With private ownership of sports teams now eliminated (and all of the GSFMC bucks that went with it), Socialism™ opens the door to athletes who just want to play for the love of the game...and for a fair, subsistence salary determined by the collective.

Socialism baseball player
Sports dab in stadium before Socialism

It's the Fans' Turn to

Take One for the Team

So fire up the SoSports streaming app and watch soon-to-be-legends like Ed "Peaked in High School" Evans and Walter "Division IV Bench Rider" Murphy tear it up on the hardwood, the gridiron, and all of the other pro sports venues we used to give a crap about.

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